Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Been Stitching, How about you??

I've been stitching and finishing and so much more.  It has been a little hectic around here.  It started with a surprise on a Friday night a little over a month ago.  I have wanted to get a new pup since our sweet Jessee passed away over a year ago.  Our Dane, Daisy seemed a bit mopey and lonely (probably just in my head)  The breeder that we got Daisy from had a beautiful litter of blues (2 boys and 2 girls) and I spied the cutest little girl in the lot.  I begged, I harassed, I pleaded only to be greeted with an emphatic "No!"  Well, much to my surprise, the day I showed interest my hubby went and reserved her. Weeks before she could even come home to us. He brought her home on a Friday night when I thought he was out having dinner with his brother.  She is the sweetest thing ever!!  My hubby named her Maggie and I call her Maggie Moo.  She is growing daily and I am loving every minute.  Here are a few pics of my sweet girl.

Okay, enough puppy pics.  Lets get down to some stitching.  I have lots to share but will keep it short with a promise to return soon. First, Primitive Hare freebie stitched for Valentine's day and stuffed with Walnut Shells to give it weight.  I used R&R fabric with WDW Baked Apple thread.

Next is Little Snow by Lizzie Kate.  Great kit stitched with included linen and DMC floss.  Framed it with a sweet little frame I found at Michaels.  You may notice the charm is not lying flat.  I fixed it after this photo was taken.  OOPS!

Next is a great little kit from Stacy Nash.  It's been in the stash for over a year but all of you folks participating in the Stitch from Stash have prompted me to have a look in my treasures.  I stitched this with hopes of springs arrival. I know it's on its way but it is taking it's sweet old time.  I used everything that came in the kit. 

That's it for today.  I am so happy you stopped by to visit and take a look at what I have been up to.  Off to take the puppy out and feed her dinner.  (Clearly treating her like a newborn and loving it)  Hope you are crossing some x's Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Niky's Creations World of Smalls 2013

Last year I participated in World of Smalls by Niky's Creations.  It was an all inclusive kit that was mailed in three parts.  I finished the stitching long ago but finally got around to putting it together.  Niky's designs are primitive in style and she mixes crochet and wool in along with cross stitch.  There is a needlebook, scissor fob, and little ditty bag to tuck it all inside. Lots of fun.

I very rarely share framed pieces but thought I would show you my By the Bay SAL piece.  What I like about Donna's pieces is that she tries to size them to fit in a standard frame.  This one is 3.5 x 5 and I found it at Michaels.  I was able to frame it myself which saved lots of cash (for stash).
Have you found any goodies from Nashville that you couldn't live without.  I always go over board and this year was no exception.  I loved La D Da new releases and Blackbird always has wonderful things.  Stacy Nash and Niky had great new designs as well.  See what I mean...the list goes on and on.  
I would love to know what caught your fancy in case I missed something... Happy Stitching

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Lot of snow results in a bit of stitching

Well,  the weather HAS been frightful.  I have had my fair share of shoveling, snow and cold.  I am hoping that spring will arrive sooner rather that later.  The good part about snow is that I have been able to get some stitching time in.  I am sharing with you a finish that I did in January but haven't had a change to post.  It is called Hibernation Day by Heartstring Samplery.  I changed and added a few colors and love the way it turned out.  I use 36ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Meadow Rue. The GAST that I used where Mulberry, Oatmeal, Grecian Gold, Old Hickory, Piney Woods, Endive, Wood Trail and Pecan Pie.

I think this part of the verse is perfect.  Who wouldn't like a pajama day in front of a warm fire with their loved ones.  Thank you Beth for a great design.  Loved every stitch. Happy Stitching everyone!!  Oh by the way more snow on tap for tomorrow because Saturday's 10inches wasn't enough. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you all a fabulous day.  I hope to be back soon with a stitching post.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After the storm.....

Just wanted to invite you on a picture walk after the nor'easter we were hammered with yesterday into this morning.  We got 17 inches of snow and some pretty strong winds.  Today it is quite chilly and I needed to find the beauty in winter instead of harping on how much I dislike it!  I hope you Enjoy.

All of these photos were taken today 1/22/14. As you can see the storm has moved out and the sun has moved in.  Now if it could just warm up a bit. Thanks for visiting!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Working through WIPs

Here are the last 2 finishes of 2013.  These were in the WIP pile and have now found a home in the to be framed pile.  The first is LHN Song of the Seasons stitched on suggested fabric with suggested WDW threads.  I left the alphabet off and added an extra branch with birds to fill the space.  I enjoyed this stitch and really can't figure out why it took me so long to finish stitching it.   

The next finish was a SAL offered by the Threadbasket in 2012.  I had most of it completed but set it aside to start something else.  Well, I finished it before the new year.  Thank goodness.  My plan is to frame it in a white frame.  I stitched it on 30ct WDW Cocoa with DMC threads.

This weekend went by far too quickly.  My oldest son headed back to college and now we try to settle into a routine again.  Before I know it he will be home for the summer.  The temps have been mild this weekend but we had a tremendous amount of rain. Today was blue skies and sunshine so we took miss Daisy for a nice long walk.  She is now sleeping soundly and is quite content.  Here is a picture of her on her new bed (small couch from LL Bean and her favorite blankie.
On the stitching front am I still working on Hibernation Day.  I am in the home stretch and hope to have a finish soon.  I hope you had time to relax and maybe cross a few x's. Have a wonderful week. Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Shores of Hawk Run Update

Last New Year's Day I set our with the goal of finishing Shores of Hawk Run Hallow within a year.  I fell short... I am working on block 8 and continuing to make progress but it is slow going.  I get side tracked by all of the new charts and SALs that are out there but I have so much time and money invested in this project that I WILL finish it.   Hopefully sooner rather than later.  The colors are completely distorted and it looks like I forgot to stitch some sails on the ship but I assure you they are there.  If I stitch one block a month I should have it done for spring time.  

I want to wish everyone warmth and safety.  The weather has been quite terrible here but it is always worse somewhere else.  To all of my fellow bloggers please be safe, Happy Stitching!