Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 SALs

I have two SAL that I have joined for 2015.  Both are giant projects and I am looking forward to seeing the progress.  The first project is by Heartstring Samplery called His Eye is on the Sparrow.  I chose 36ct Lakeside Linen Navy Bean with called for WDW and GAST threads.
I only stitched on this one New Years Day.  I will continue to work on it once I finish Shores of HRH.  It has motivated me to get it done since I want to get back to it. 
The next project is offered from By the Bay Needlearts and will be delivered in 12 parts.  It is called Serenity Harbor and I am stitching it on Pearled Barley 36ct by Lakeside linens with called for DMC fibers.  I finished Part 1 and the next part will come Feb 3rd.
Are you working on any SAL?  If so, what?  Back to my stitching nest.
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hard to believe a New Year has started.  The last few months have been hectic but I made it through.  Holidays were lovely but I am ready to start anew.  No resolutions for me because I don't usually follow through but I do plan to do more of what makes me happy.  Time with family, friends, fur babies, and of course stitching.  I have two finishes two share.
This is a Just Nan design called Sherry's Scissor Pocket designed exclusively for Country Crafts.

The next is Bittersweet September by Blackbird designs.  It was a club kit from the Ladies Prim available at Dyeing to Stitch.
I am hoping to get some stitching time in this winter.  Usually the cold and snow drives me inside but so far we have had mild weather so I tend to spend more time outside.  I haven't updated all of you in a while and wanted to share a picture of Maggie and Daisy.  Maggie will be one this week and she still behaves like a puppy.  Chew, chew, chase, chew, snatch, chew.  You get the picture right.
You can see that she isn't quite finished growing usually top off at about 18 months but I do believe she will remain on the smaller side due to her earlier growth problems.  As you can see, bright sunny day, mild and perfect for a walk.
Thanks for visiting.  I will be back soon with SAL 2015 updates and I feel a finish coming soon...stay tuned.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching up

Time seems to escape us when we are busy.  Work and planning a bar mitzvah gave kept me away from my stitching and blogging but I do have a few finishes to share.  First is a beautiful finish from my stitching twin ,Carol.  This was from our summer exchange.  I believed it is a Homespun Elegance design done in my favorite color blue.

This piece is from Hand on Design.  It was a limited kit with all the finishing supplies. Quick stitch and easy finish.  I need to live by the saying...Just Be

Next, a patriotic finish.  I got the chart at the dyeing to stitch retreat from Threadwork Zprimitives and finished it in time for the 4th of July.  Love the ribbon tag that I found at Michaels.

Here is the LK LE Little Boo kit.  I finished it into an ornament for Carol as our Halloween Exchange.  Isn't the pom Pom trim perfect.

This is the ornament that Carol stitched for me.  Love the ricercari trim and the owl is perfect as we have a couple of resident owls on our property.  Just last night he was hooting away.
Thanks for stopping in!  I hope to be back soon to share a couple of more finishes. Until then, Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Season, New Starts

If you have followed my blog you may have noticed that I am not really a seasonal stitcher.  I am not fast enough to stitch and finish something to enjoy for a particular season so I work on whatever catches my eye for the moment.  I recently finished Block 10 of Shores of HRH so I rewarded myself with this little Just Nan Exclusive.  It is a Thread or Scissor Pocket and I am enjoying working on the opalescent fabric. 
Just Nan Thread Keeper

I also started Son #3 Bar Mitzvah sampler.  He has been asking when I was going to get to it and I figured I should get it done before Son #4 is called to the torah on 12/13/14.  Yes it has taken me 2 years.  What took so long you may ask. Well problem #1 is finding a bar mitzvah sampler when you have already stitched two of them and second I had to tweek the design I did find and that took some doing.  Then of course color choices and doubt about color choices.  Putting all of that aside I have started it and it is stitching up quickly. 
Bar Mitzvah Sampler

I am so busy with the start of school, finalizing plans for a bar mitzvah and working that I thoroughly enjoy putting needle to thread.  It doesn't happen often but when it does I don't want to move from my nest. I will leave you with a pic of the Danes who bring me joy, laughter and frustration on a daily basis. Have a great week and Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Have you joined any SALs?

Do you like SALs? Do they motivate you or stress you out?  My problem is that I am involved in too many.  It's somewhat of a challenge and I try my hardest to keep up but often get side tracked by something new.  Some may call this stitchers ADD. I call it enjoying my much loved, often addictive hobby.  Here is the Halloween Mystery SAL from The Primitive Hare.  I have manage to keep up with this one but this isn't to most up to date photo.  It is stitched on Old Salem linen with DMC threads.
I have many more new starts and a few updates and now that the boys are back in school I hope to be back with regular updates.  I would love to hear about any SALs you are working on just in case I missed any!   Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrations Stash

Another belated post but better late than never.  These are pics of my stash enhancement from Celebrations of Needlework.  The next show is in St Charles Oct 8-12.  If you are in the area go an check it out.  
Jeannette Douglass always has a fab booth and here are my goodies.  Lot's of patriotic designs.  I had to have the floss keep.  It is a great size for the larger projects in my WIP pile.

Olde Colonial Designs always has a great display.  I picked up some new releases and a cute frame for the Erica Michaels piece. 

From Inspired Needle I picked up a show exclusive kits from Lindsay Lane and The Purple thread.  Gotta love a kit.  Ready and waiting to be stitched.

Lastly, Summer House had a booth and I picked up some of her new items.  Sometimes a chart viewed on the internet just doesn't grab you and then you see the model and BAM! you must have it.  I loved viewing all of these models in person.  One of the best features of a show or LNS is touching and feeling.
Well, I am off to stitch and look forward to the next time.  In closing, I leave you with a picture of Miss Maggie and Miss Daisy.  Maggie is now 6 months old and Daisy just turned 4. 

Daisy 4 years old

Maggie 6 months old
Thanks for stopping by.   I am busy stitching Shores of Hawk Run.  I have completed block 9 and now I am in "just get it done" mode.  Wish me luck.
Happy Stitching

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebration of Needlework--Early May

I hope everyone is doing well.  I am finally able to sneak onto the computer now that school has ended.  It seems like the last two weeks have been a blur with all of the last minute concerts, presentations, award ceremonies and playoffs. I have enjoy every minute of them but I certainly am looking forward to some relaxation and down time this summer.  
I wanted to share with you the classes that I took at Celebrations.  These are pics of the models and I am slowly working my way through my own stitched versions.  Slow being the operative word of course.
The first is Jeannette Douglass' Bird Box. If you haven't taken a class with Jeannette you must.  She is a HOOT.  She also has lots of little helpful finishing techniques that make you think, Now why didn't I think of that.

Next is Busy Bee Pouch.  If the title is incorrect I apologize.  It is a darling felted wool pouch with a needlebook and strawberry pincushion that tucks safely inside your pouch.  Barbara Jackson was the instructor/designer on this sweet piece and she was lots of fun.

Next I took two classes with Jackie Du Plessis.  The Unplayed Piano Etui and The Secret Garden.  I have admired these on several blogs and decided to take them both as I couldn't decide which to take. Jackie is lovely and I enjoyed both of the classes.  The construction of the piano will be a challenge but that is what I love about classes.  Working outside of your comfort zone.

The Secret Garden is COMPLETELY STITCHED.  There isn't something on it that isn't stitched.  I am slowly working on this one but I do find the stitching very rhythmic and soothing.  This is a very special piece to Jackie and I am so happy she shared it with us.

Lastly,  This is a special stitching companion designed by Pam Reed of Olde Colonial Designs.  She taught it at the Dyeing to stitch retreat last year but I was on the opposite track so when she offered it again at Celebrations I HAD to take it. I have finished most of the stitching. Just need to add charms and finish constructing it.  I love Pam's designs for their simplicity.  She uses specialty stitches to add dimension and texture and it produces a wonderful piece.

I also took a Sewing Clamp class with Maureen Appleton.  Anyone know her??  Miss Stitch Over 1 on 40ct herself.  Well I couldn't resist this fabulous sewing clamp that she was offering and wanted to know just how she does it--Stitching over 1 on 40ct.  I enjoyed the class but do find that over 1 on 40 does strain the eyes a bit so I am saving this project for sunny days and lots of natural lighting.
So,  I know many of you are saying "Wow, that's alot of classes!"  Well, my intention was that it would keep me out of the shopping mall which I always lose control in but ladies it did NOT work. I found lots of fabulous goodies in the mall too!!  I get caught up in the excitement of being surrounded by all the stitching goodies and I also have friends a.k.a. enablers who point things out just in case I missed them. 
My next post I will share my wonderful purchases and a puppy update.  Until then, Happy Stitching!