Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantastic Weekend and A Finish

Happy 80th Birthday Uncle Lou!!
Sometimes life gets in the way of stitching.  This weekend I had a stitching day planned and had to cancel because my husband  said we had no plans.  We attended my uncles 80th Birthday party/Family Reunion in New Hampshire.  The weather was hot and humid and pretty uncomfortable.  My cousin and I grew up very close and haven't seen each other in years.  (Basically because he lives in Hawaii)  This was the 2nd time that our children have met and they really hit it off.  It was almost as if they met part of themselves that they were missing.  Anyways,  my husband volunteered to take my cousins children home with us so the boys could spend more time together.  They went fishing and boating.  Unfortunately that meant cooking and cleaning for me, no stitching. 

A fishing day with our Hawaiian cousins!

After the dust settled,  I got some stitching time in Monday night.  I was able to finish this Italian Floral Tile piece.  It is a pattern from JCS Magazine.  I believe the Ornament preview issue from last year but it might be from the year before.  I have subscribed to this magazine for many years and I feel a sense of pride that I actually stitched something from the magazine.  I will eventually get around to making a pillow but I wanted to post my finish ASAP!  This is a stitching blog after all.

You'll notice that in my haste,  I didn't iron the piece and that it is turned on its side but when I was photographing it I couldn't tell because it was a symmetrical piece.  This played very well into my type A personality.  Anyways,  I love the colors and look forward to having a pillow real soon.  The last pic is one that my son Ben is working on.  He wanted to start his own blog but I won't allow that because of his age.  I taught him how to stitch 2 years ago and he has done it off and on but recently discovered that he can stay inside if he is stitching.  HMMMM!!  I may need to reevaluate this but for now he is doing a great job.  I had to teach him half and 3/4 stitches so he did have a little help!


Deborah said...

Go Ben! The piece you are doing looks like it will be alot of fun. Mom is even letting use the "good floss". Nataly your tile piece came out great. Happy birthday to your uncle.

Anonymous said...

Nice finish! It will make a lovely pillow. Looks like you had a fun reunion!

Myra said...

Floral tile looks fabulous. I admired that design when I saw it in the mag. How wonderful that your son likes to cross stitch. I tried and tried to interest my sons in some of my crafting but wasn't successful.

DonnaTN said...

How wonderful that your son is interested in stitching! I hope you tempted him with all the neat stuff that Bruce brought to show at Enfield! Your tile piece is really pretty and quite different. It will be a beautiful pillow!

KathyEllen said...

Love your "Floral Tile" piece. It is gorgeous! It resembles the "Ink Circles" Stitch Your Heart Out design for August. Check it out.
Your son obviously has your creative nature. Who knows...he may be a budding needlework designer!
Have a beautiful week and hope you get a few peaceful moments for some stitching!

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