Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Pics . . . Part 2

Our travels continued into Canada.  We stayed in Niagra Falls for 5 days.  We really enjoyed taking in the Falls and everything the region had to offer.  We started with walking the boardwalk along the falls.  Then we participated in the Maid of the Mist,  we got so wet we were all laughing.  I think that it was a welcomed wetness being that it was near 100 degrees with a humidity above 70%.  HOT!   After that, we ventured Behind the Falls and got a birds eye view of the volume of water passing over this massive Horseshoe Falls.  My only recommendation when visiting this area is to bring ALOT of cash.  Starbucks charges 4.92 for an Ice Tea which is more than double what we pay here.  Needless to say I broke my habit while vacationing.

Next we visited the Niagra Regions Farms and Vineyards.  We stopped at a local farm to pick cherries.  Sure wish I was home so that I could have baked these beauties up.  We ended up snacking on them as they were. DELICIOUS!

One of the most fascinating spots was the Butterfly Conservatory.  We got to watch thousands of these graceful creatures fly about our heads.  I always felt that they were magical but when you see so many at once it takes your breath away.  The boys had fun spotting the many different kinds and having them land on their heads and arms.  We were also able to view some hatching into butterflies from their chryssalis.  Fascinating!! 

Not the best pictures, but these show the Illumination of the Falls which happens every night from 10-12p, and the fireworks over the Falls.  Not the most spectacular display but still fireworks on the 4th.

The last stop before heading home brought us to a friends farm in Creemore, Ontario.  It was quite a drive but well worth the visit.  The boys got to meet Tempo's newest fowl.  They also got to swim in the swimming hole which they were more than willing to do because of the temperatures.  And of course for my mechanical son, the ATV.  Boys will be boys you know.  We had a wonderful visit and thoroughly enjoyed exploring her farm.  From there, long ride back.  We drove to Montreal and down through Vermont to drop our oldest son off at GMCC which is a conservation camp where he serves as a Junior Counselor.  Then onward to home.  I was sooo happy to drive into our driveway on Saturday evening.  There is nothing like home!


Deborah said...

I absolutely loved the butterfly conservatory when I went there. The pics are fabulous!

DonnaTN said...

I love the rainbow over the falls! The cherries nearly made me swoon! I love them and they are so expensive here. I visited a butterfly conservatory in Key West last fall and it was so fun! I could have spent the whole day there.
And thank you so much for sweet comment on Edgar's blog. I was actually working on that at Enfield!

Siobhán said...

What fabulous pictures! I'm glad you found my blog, so it could lead my back to yours! :) I was in the Niagara Falls region about eight years ago, and it is SO pretty there. Love the pics of the Falls, and the cherries--yumm!

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