Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lizzie Kate Spring Fob

Here it is!  A finish!  Wow.  Anyways,  this is Lizzie Kate's limited edition Spring Scissor Fob with special scissors.  The scissors are so tiny that I thought the fob was too big so I stitched it over 1.  Then I tried ribbon rousching (not sure how to spell that).  For my first attempt it went pretty smoothly.  Only broke the thread once.  It was an organza ribbon so it was a little stitff.  The end result it too cute!!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Jennifer's. It's so fun to find both a fellow Natalie(y) K and a fellow stitcher! What does your K stand for? Mine is both predictable and phonetic: Kay. :) I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work!

DonnaTN said...

Great new stash and the fob is very cute! Your ribbon looks great. The colors are perfect for the fob.

Missy said...

I just found your blog and find it so lovely. Your LK is a beautiful finish. I thought I would pass on that LK but seeing your finished I realize that I need to have it!!! Yes NEED and not Want!! LOL



Kathy Roseen said...


Your blog is just wonderful. Especially love your beautifully finished Lizzie Kate scissor fob! It looks like a fun piece to stitch!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship!
Kathy R.

Ann H. said...

Pretty blog Nataly! Your stitching is perfect!!

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