Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sea Glass

A favorite summer pass time is collecting sea glass.  We spend lots of time taking leisurely walks along the beach at dusk.  When the kids were younger I taught them to look for sea glass as a way to get them to walk just a little farther.  Now each trip is who can collect the most pieces, who can find the biggest piece, who can find the colored ones.  This is a picture of what we collected our last trip out.  I have a jar on a table in the front hall and all summer long we continue to add to it.  I wonder if some day we will actually complete filling the jar?

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Jane said...

Hi NatalyK
Just popped over from the other Natalie's Blog to take a look.
Collecting sea glass looks such fun and what better place and time then the beach and at dusk, good luck on filling your jar!
Your LK key fob is lovely and the finish is great, it's so hard to get limited editions of kits over here in England but shall definitely try to hunt that one down.
(Buttons & Stitches x x x)

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