Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're 4 weeks old!

For those of you following the story of my foster family here is a quick update.  The pics are hard to take because they are becoming VERY active.  They are 4 weeks old now and starting to use the litter box, play with balls, little catnip mice, and feather toys.  They are practicing their wrestling skills and pouncing skills on each other which is hilarious to watch.  Phoebe continues to be a doting mum!!  She is very easy going and lets us toy with her wee ones.  Hope you enjoy!
Lucy pretending I am not there!

Leo the lion who has stolen my heart!

The 2 littlest one - Lizzie and DeeDee making up for lost time

Mom feeding her family

Jilly Boo steals gently kisses from momma!  AAWWW!

Thanks for visiting!  I wish all of you who are bracing for Hurricane Irene safety!  I hope the storm passes without too much damage.  We are bracing for some heavy winds and torrential rains for the weekend but some weather meteorologist are saying the eastern part of Mass may not feel huge effects from it.  I don't know if they are right, we have had in one year a nor'easter, tornado, earthquake and now possibly a hurricane.  I am thinking mother nature may be suffering from menopause.  As always, Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A small finish after a busy weekend

My small finish is a shop model for ABC Stitch.  It is LHN Baked Goods ornament.  I loved the colors of this one.  The one thing I loves about the holidays was the baking.  My mom and I would cook up hundreds of cookies and breads to share with family and friends.  I never realized the reason we handmade things such as bakegoods is because we couldn't afford gifts for all of those that touched our lives.  As a child I always thought that handmade items meant more.  It required time and love. I still have the same mentality about handmade/homemade items but I am more reserved in who I give them to.  I want what I make by hand to be appreciated and there are some in my life that don't appreciate what I can create.  So, most stitching stays close to home.
Here is a pic of the SAL that I started with Carol at my last stitching day and I finished it over the weekend.  I am gearing up for a finishing day once the children go back to school and I will post a finish of the box once I assemble it.

The next few pictures were taken last weekend.  We ventured on a road trip to Coastal Maine.  The first pic is of Nubble Light in York.  It was a hazy, hot and humid day but we still enjoyed the view. Our destination was to get the coveted Lobster Roll that my hubby has to have each summer.

This is it!  Red's Eats in Wiscasset Maine.  It is a beautiful little town that has many antique shops and little shops.  While hubby waited in line, (about 45min) I got to visit Stitchers Corner.  It's a quaint little shop and yes I did manage to do a little stash enhancement. 

The Lobsta Roll!!!  Couldn't drive all that way and eat just one could he?

Wiscasset ME

Our last stop, to stretch our legs, and let those boys run about, was Old Orchard Beach. I love the pier and boardwalk. It has changed alot since I was a kid but I do love to reminisce.  We had a great day and I am glad we got to squeeze this last road trip in before school began.  We have already started the sports routine and next week will add the schedule of school and religious school.  Busy Busy but Happy.
Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More likes

So, just minding my own business today, perusing the web looking at all the goods from Market and come across, What?  what is this??  a new sampler club from LA D DA ( one of my favorities) MUST HAVE Sampler club.  I swiped the pic from Stitches n Things and can't wait to see the rest. Debbie, I hope you can forgive me for taking the pic, but I just had to share with my stitchy friends!  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We've named Phoebe's Kittens

Well, I should say the boys named the kittens.  They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.  I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  Phoebe is still doing a great job at being mum but she is sooooo skinny.  I hope she will pack on some weight once she weans the little ones.  I want to pet her and not feel all of her bones.

Phoebe nursing her little furbabies

Lucy and Leo (the lion)



Aren't they sweet.  I can't keep the boys away from them.  They are all adjusting to being handle so much and now look forward to our visits.  They haven't stared running around yet but I can only image by this time next week they will be skittering about. 

On the stitchng front,  I am continuing to work on model stitching and SAL.  My stitching time is limited and I so enjoy putting needle to thread/fabric.  I look forward to any stitching time I get whether it's 15 minutes or several hours.  Baltimore Market was this past weekend and I was wondering if anyone has found must-haves?  I love L*K new snowman series and will most likely get that, and recently got Bent Creek's new Halloween patterns. Blackbird has a new chart of Halloween designs and yup I ordered that! I think the Carriage House Farms of Hawk Run is a nice addition to the Hawk Run Series and of course Shepherds Bush new scissor fob and pincushion's are darling.  I have also fallen in love with Blue Ribbon Designs latest 3 especially the colors of the Quilt Sampler.  Belinda is so talented. Oh, I think I need to get a full time job for my addiction but then I wouldn't have time to stitch.  What to do!  Have you seen anything that you must have??  Anything you need to stitch right away??  I would love to hear your thoughts and what you like.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Couple of SALs

I can't believe a week has gone by and I haven't reached for the computer to post.  Time seems to be escaping me and it is only going to get busier since the boys will start school in 2weeks.  Their schedules will be super complex between work, sports, school, and religious school.  To make things easier I am involved in 4 SALs.  Yikes!!  The first is one with my good friend Carol.  It is called Grandma's Mending Box by Olde Colonial. Here is a pic of what it will look like and the following pic is my progress after a couple of stitching days together.  The stitched part makes a box top on a lovely wooden box that is included with the kit.

The next SAL is a mystery sampler by Carol at iStitch.  It will come in 8 parts and I finished Part 1 yesterday. 

I am stitching it on 40ct Chantilly Cream by Lakeside Linens and Crescent Colours Belle Soie in Rose of Sharon.  I love the way it is coming out.  Now I need to sit and wait for installment 2.  I plan to finish it as a box top providing I can find one in the right size.  What a great excuse to go on the "hunt".  I love shopping at the craft supply stores this time of year because they have all of the fall things out and I love the colors.
Lastly is my new addition to my flower frog collection.  I picked these up at a flea market a month ago but just got around to taking a picture.  I love the green one and the gray one is very unusual.  The white one is self containing, meaning the holes don't go all the way through.  I will have to put some felt in there to protect my scissor tips.  Aren't they a great find?

I have lots more to share but I don't want this post to be any longer.  Have a great day and thanks to all of my readers and followers for sharing a moment with me.  Happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Blog Win!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was hot and humid yesterday and rained like crazy today.  We have been busy taking care of our new furbabies, picking blueberries, and carting children all over creation.  I wanted to share with you this lovely giveaway that I won from Stephanie at Blue Star Stitcher.  She sent me a great tiny house sampler, 2 generous cuts or fabric, autumn shades of WDW thread and the cutest pillow.  I took pictures of the front and back because they are equally delightful!!  Thanks Stephanie,  I love it.

In other news,  the PIF chart will move on to Gracie!  Shoot me your snail mail address and I will send it right along.  Happy Stitching Everyone!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PIF and Kitten pics

A while back, Chris at Tot Hill Farm Stitches passed this chart along to me.  I decided to try something different with it.  I stitched it on Grape Ice 30ct linen with white Threadworx thread.  It was the first time I used this fiber and it has a pretty sheen to it.  I plan to make this into a needle book.  Stay tuned.  Now that I am done with the chart I would like to pass it on.  If you are interested please leave a comment saying so.  If more than one person wants it I will draw a name on Sunday Aug 7th.

As promised,  here are pics of the kittens.  The first pic is when they were delivered to us at 3 days old.  The following pics were taken today.  They are now 7 days old and are starting to open their eyes.


As you can see, they sleep alot right now.  When they aren't sleeping they are eating.  Phoebe is doing well and is starting to look a little less ragged.  Thanks for visiting and as always, Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New House Guest

As most of my followers know, I work with a local no-kill cat shelter, Standish Humane Society, fostering pregnant moms.  Last Wednesday, I received a call from the director asking if I would be able to take in a pregnant cat that was rescued from a barn that was housing over 13 cats.  As crazy as my life is I couldn't say no to her knowing that the barn owner felt "It's just a cat, the coyotes will get it at some point.  Why waste the money."  I have trouble believing that people are so callous but it would seem that they are out there.  We made arrangements to have her come on Thursday morning.  I got a call Wednesday evening saying that she had already gone into labor and we wouldn't be able to get her until Saturday.  She delivered 5 beautiful kittens!  Looks like 4 girls and 1 boy.  We named her Pheobe.  She is extremely malnurished.  If she weighs more than 2 lbs I would be shocked.   Her fur is sparse and you can feel all of her bones when you pet her.  But, putting all that aside, she is a terrific mom, very attentive to her little ones and is EXTREMELY sweet.  She purrs all the time, loves to be picked up, and cuddles right up next to you.  She even let me trim her nails.  Just Sweet.  I am looking forward to taking care of this little family, and usually I tend to pay more attention to the kittens but right now she needs my help and attention to get healthy again.  I will post pics of kittens when they have adjusted to being here.  Wish me luck!