Thursday, December 29, 2011

Antique Mall Find

Why does it seem that it takes just as long to clean up from the holidays as it does getting ready for them?
I haven't had a lot of stitching time this week due to the boys being home for school vacation. I have been trying to find room for all the new stuff we got for the holidays and cleaning out the things we no longer need. I bigger task than I had imagined.
 We went to see the movie War Horse which has had mixed reviews but I feel it was well done.  I don't know why everyone looks for hidden meanings etc. . . in the movies.  I like to watch them for enjoyment factor only.  It told a story and I took it at face value.    On a recent trip to a local Antique Mall I was lucky enough to find these flower frogs.  I enjoy the hunt to find different colored ones and hit the jackpot.  I got an onyx glass, green glass, and frosted glass.  The clear glass one I couldn't  leave behind because it was only $2 and a different size from the ones already in my collection.  It was a fun shopping trip even though it triggered some serious allergy symptoms.  No getting around the fact that I am allergic to dust mites.
On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to spend time with my NH Stitching Group.  We spent the day at Carol's house.  It's the mid point for all of us and she has the best new condo with lots of open space in a very quiet location.  Perfect for stitching the day away.  I worked on the Petit Samplings Etui and made lots of queen stitches all day.  It was a lovely afternoon with friends, laughing and stitching and of course, snacking. 
Carol is new to blogging and you can visit her at Stitching 'n Stashing.  I hope to get some more stitching time in today and over the weekend.  Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 26, 2011

WIPocalypse 2012

I have joined in on Measi's WIPocalypse for 2012. I have added the list to the side bar and wanted to start with pictures so you know where I am starting on these projects. Some of these projects are big projects that I lost interest in, most are classes that I took and ended up not working on once I got home. You can visit Measi's blog to see what the rules are and who else is participating. I have been going down the list to follow some new blogs. Here are the pics of the projects I will try to finish during 2012.

Victoria Sampler Happy Hearts Stitcherama

Jeannette Douglass My Stitching Album
I have finished the front and back cover and the first three pages.

Sweetheart Tree Sea Sampler

Victoria Sampler Mermaid Song Cyberclass

Indigo Rose Acorn Pincushion Class

Stitching Treasures Grandmas Sewing Roll Class

Bent Breek Spring Snapperland

Blue Ribbon Designs Read Between the lines

Collaborative Design Petit Sampling Etui -- delayed SAL that is now back in progress

JABCO Boys are back in town

Vals Kitty Quilts - SAL

Jeannette Douglas Pineapple Biscornu Class

Brightneedle Capecod Passport Class
Well,  that should keep me busy.  I do plan to start a few new projects and all of that will take a back seat to model stitching but it's always nice to have a goal to strive for.  All of the WIP progress will be posted on the full moon.  What do you have planned for stitching in 2012?? 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not a Creature was stirring . . .

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope you are having a wonderful time with friends and family. 

Today is Jessie's 12th birthday!  She had a good visit with the vet yesterday.  She is definitely slowing down but enjoys her walks, eating, and sleeping. She can be a little grouchy and doesn't listen at all but at her age she has earned the right. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Treasures and a Holiday Treat

My mail lady has been busy stuffing my mailbox with wonderful little gifts.  I am always so surprised to find packages just for me.  Not bills, not advertisements, not magazines but little treasures just for me. 

I received this wonderful note and Heart Sampler Fob from Cynthia at The Drawn Thread.  I immediately attached it to my mini primitive stork scissors and love it.  You can snatch one of these fobs up on her website just hit the link.  I LOVE IT, Thanks Cynthia! 
A day later, I got a wonderful little box in the mail.  I wasn't expecting anything, I have been to busy shopping for everyone else and hadn't ordered any new stash.  Hhmmm!  What could it be!  Well, imagine my delight when I opened it up and found that my wonderfully talented friend Belinda  from Blue Ribbon Designs sent me one of her handmade pincushions, the cutest little pins-- check out the snowflake one--, a little pouch of yummy treats, and the absolute most stunning embroidered snowflake.  I cannot tell you how gorgeous it is.  Pictures and words do not do it justice.  THANK YOU BELINDA!  You are the kindest soul I know.

I received another package of goodies that I just have to share.  I have a friend/penpal that I met through blogging.  She is from France and we share the same name, Nathalie.  She sent me some holiday goodies.  These most darling ornaments and a beautifully stitched piece which I will make into a pillow.  She also shared some charts that she thought I might enjoy.  I love having worldwide friends!  To think that a computer has provided me a way to share my hobby with so many people from around the world astounds me.
Thank you for thinking of me Nathalie, I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.

Isn't he the cutest santa you have ever seen!
The last thing I will share with you is a quick treat we made for my son's teachers.  He has 6 teachers in the middle school and wanted to bring them a gift.  Unfortunately, that can add up to a huge expense so we decided to make them some special treats.  He loves to be in the kitchen and here is what he created with a little help from mom.

The ingredients: pretzel snaps, Candy melting discs, m&m or candy of your choice

Place pretzels on baking sheet and add candy disc to each.
Place in 300' oven until melted.

Remove from oven, add m&m to each and let cool

Package in a lovely container with ribbon and tags. (That's where I came in)
And Voila, a sweet salty snack for all to enjoy!

That's all for today.  I hope everyone enjoys their Friday night.  I plan to relax and enjoy a little stitch therapy tonight.  I need it after spending the day at the schools volunteering.  I did a pancake breakfast at the middle school and then hopped over to the elementary school to assist with the holiday craft party.  Right up my alley!  Happy Friday and Happy Stitching!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

La Belle Etoile Finished!

I finished this SAL a couple of weeks ago but I never seem to manage photographing and posting things in a timely fashion.  It's such a process sometimes.  I enjoyed this SAL hosted by The Thread Basket and designed by C Mon Monde.  I stitched it on 36ct Woodsmoke by Lakeside Linens with DMC floss.  Now to have it framed.  I am hoping that I get some holiday cash to soend on framing a couple of my pieces.
I hope everyone has finished up their shopping, cooking and preparing for their holidays.  Take time to enjoy your friends and family!  And as always, Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Well, today is the day. Hanukkah starts at sundown and we're ready. The boys are excited, the gifts are wrapped, the menorah is polished and the candles and dreidels are standing by.

This is the menorah we have chosen for this year.  We have many different styles but this is a modern take on a traditional menorah.  It is traditional in that the candles are all lined up in a row below the shamash (helper) candle. This is a crystal menorah and it reflects light so beautifully.

Here are the gifts all wrapped and ready to go.  It is very tempting don't you think.

Here is what eight nights of gifts looks like for my boys and hubby.

These are the dreidels and game pieces I put together for my youngest son's holiday celebration.  Unfortunately, schools have become very strict on what you can send in.  No chocolate gelt due to the unhealthiness of candy, no money because it would be considered gambling, no peanuts or nuts due to allergies, and so on.  So I decided to send in the glass markers, they are used for display vases etc. but I have also seen them in Mancala games so I thought they would be alright.  We could have done buttons but they are WAY to expensive even in bulk.

So, to all of you who will be celebrating the first night, I wish you Happy Hanukkah!!  I have enjoyed some stitching time this weekend because I had finished all of my shopping and wrapping.  I'll share a finish and some goodies I received in the mail in a later post.  Happy Stitching!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lovely Little Fobs

I recently posted that I did some finishing work for someone.  I was asked to finish 13 fobs for a Christmas swap.  Theresa did a fine job stitching these lovelies and I beaded them for her.  She stitched them in Christmas colors so I color coordinated the beads to match.  I just got word from Theresa that everyone loved their little gifties.  I am so happy!  The pictures below show the stages of the fob making process.  I always use glass beads and the fobs are whip stitched while attaching the beads. 
The beading begins with the bead board. This helps me stay organized and keep the beads handy.

Stuffing with polyfil before I close them up

Beads are strung and attached to each little fob pillow.  I use a lobster clasp on the end to attach to a favorite pair of scissors.

Packed and ready for shipping

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me.  I had a very good time making these.  I turned the radio onto my favorite Christmas Classics and beaded away!   I am looking forward to some stitching time this weekend, I have finished off my checklist in the nick of time.  Happy Stitching!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Counted Canvas Finish!

About a month ago, I started this counted canvas, a design from Nancy's Needle.  I got quite a bit finished before I put it down to work on models.  I was able to finish it up this week and love how it turned out.  The colors are very warm and comforting.  I had showed it to my mom as a WIP and she fell in love with it so I will most likely be getting it framed for her.  The closeup pics shows the true colors. It is rather hard to photograph needlework lately because it has been overcast and the lighting is poor.   The design is titled Woodland Star.  Now back to the stitching chair to see what I can finish!


 Thank you for visiting my blog.  I enjoy reading your lovely comments and getting your feedback!  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Traveling forward

I managed to finish the ABCD by La D Da over the weekend and mailed it onto the next recipient.  You can follow it's travels to Sherry by visiting her blog. Thanks Peggy for loaning out your chart and thank you Jennifer for organizing this great SAL.

R&R Lucky Penny Blend
Silk 'n Colors Green Leaves

Now back to holiday preparations.  Hanukkah is only 1 week away and I still haven't finished shopping.  I can't really come up with 8 gifts for each of my boys that are reasonably priced.  When they were little, it was easy and I could find things for $10-15 but everything I touch is $50.  I will really have to be creative this year.  I hope you all find some stitching time in the midst of holiday madness.  Happy Stitching!