Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitten Update and a Finish

Good News!  All of the foster kitties have found their forever homes.  Daisy was placed in a home with a young boy who recently lost his adult cat.  It was a surprise gift from his dad and I know he will be greatly surprised.  Jordan (aka Moses) and Oliver (aka Dexter) were a adopted by a wonderful young couple who also lost their adult cat due to cardiac arrest.  Sometimes in this process, I don't see the connection with the kittens and the potential adoptive family but in this case I was pleasantly surprised.  The husband and wife sat on the floor and 1 cat went to each of them and cozied right up.  The connection was so evident that I knew they were a match.  She has sent me wonderful emails and pics since the adoption and told me the kittens are inseperable.  I am so happy they will be together in a loving home.

I spent the weekend doing some finishing.  I made 5 ornaments and 2 pillows.  The Ornaments I will post at a later date and the other pillow is for a swap which can't be revealed yet.  That being said, that leaves this tooth fairy pillow.  My mom had asked me to make this for a friends daughter because she saw the one I made for my niece.   It is a design by Lizzie Kate.  I added a small heart shaped felt pocket to hold the tooth and ultimately the token from the tooth fairy.  I hope she likes it.

In a recent trip to Michaels, looking for DMC thread that they didn't have, I found these packets of assorted trims in the clearance section.  They were 50% off and I got them for .75 cents each.  They are great for doing some finishing and I loved the colors.  Besides, who doesn't love a bargin.

Well, back to stitching!  I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Couple of Finishes

 I have finished LHN Poinsettia House.  I am participating in the 2012 Year of Smalls SAL and this had alot more stitching than I expected.  It looks like a quick stitch but I did take up some time.  Below is a picture of the next small for February.  It is called Garden of Love by Citrouilles Designs.  I have looked at this several times and decided it was meant to be when it was selected for the SAL.  I ordered the kit from Cathy at Inspired Needle.  It came packaged up in lovely Valentine's Day attire.  Too cute and almost too pretty to open.  But none the less, I will tear into the pretty package and start a new small.

The second finish is a design by Cross eyed Cricket called Down to the Sea.  It is stitched on 32ct Lamb's Wool.  This took some time to stitch up because of my own issues with boredom.  All that WHITE!  and then the 5 sailors pants were all the same, just blue then white, then Blah Blah Blah.  I do like the way it turned out but I am happy to have this as a finish and out of the way.

The weather here has been a bit crazy.  We had 6 inches of snow on Saturday. Tuesday reached 60 degrees and I had the car windows down, and today flurries, sleet, and then rain, rain, rain.  The temps are supposed to go up again. Well back to my stitching chair now that the kids are in bed.   I hope you have all had a good week and as always, Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Foster Furbabies

This week has been a busy one. I got a call from the animal shelter 1 day after adopting out the last cutie pies to see if I would be willing to take in 3 furbabies that were coming out of their spay/neuter operations. Of course I said yes. They are from 3 different litters but seem to be adjusting to each other.

This is Jordan!  He is a long haired Grey and White Tuxedo.  He is a spitfire!  Wild, Wild, Wild.  He was found under a car in the parking lot of the shelter.  His whiskers had been singed by someone.  He is slowly opening up to us but is very possessive of food and toys.  I also think he was taken away from his mom to early and wasn't weaned properly because he keeps rooting in my hair for a nipple.  Poor little guy!

This is Oliver.  I wonderful Orange male Tiger.  He is very loving and purrs constantly.  He is the last of a litter and may have been overlooked because he is reserved.  He is going to make a wonderful lap kitty for someone.

This is Daisy.  I was told that she is a munchkin.  She is 5 months old and smaller than the other 2 kitties.  She has short legs, a smushy face and little ears.  At first I thought she was quite strange looking, but her personality makes up for that by a mile.  She loves to be held but doesn't like Jordan's barrage of hyperactivity.  She acts like a Queen and I imagine if she could talk she would have a British Accent.  Look at those beautiful Gold colored eyes.  She was left on the shelter doorstep in a box.  Really people!  It's cold out!
I hope they find homes quickly so they can get lots of loving!  I imagine that they may have been Holiday gifts and not wanted by the recipients.  So very sad.  My job is to nurture them until they can be placed in a loving home and that is exactly what I plan to do.  Happy Weekend and Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Release from the Drawn Thread

Hi Everyone!   I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  It is bright and sunny here today although  the temps are on the cold side.  Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread released 3 new designs yesterday.  One of them was The Butterfly Garden which is a model I stitched for her last month.  I thoroughly enjoyed this design.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant.  It was a cheerful piece and I loved seeing the garden come to life.  It is on the long side so the pictures aren't great but if you visit her website you can see the framed piece which is stunning.  Thanks Cynthia for another fabulous design!

Thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitten Update

We have found forever homes for the last 3 kittens that we were fostering.  These little guys were wonderful and will bring lots of joy to the families that adopted them.  Each time I walked into the room they would all start purring and greeted me with kitten love.  I really enjoyed them while they were here and will miss their playfulness.  These have been the friendliest bunch of kittens.  I loved sitting with them, they would all clammer onto my lap and purr in contentment.  Aaaahhh the joy they brought. Enjoy your new homes babies.




Monday, January 16, 2012

Poinsettia House progress

Last week flew by, we woke to a couple of inches of snow one morning and I snapped this picture on my way out the door.  We haven't had any real snow to speak of but the boys were out sledding at 6:30am before they went off to school.  It was a very picturesque morning.   Daisy got her fair share of snow flakes.

I haven't had lots of time for stitching but I did get to start Poinsettia House over the weekend and I love it.  I am using the recommended threads on 40ct Natural linen.  With enough stitching time this would stitch up quickly, problem is I am busy carting boys around to sports and MD appointments.  I hope to get back to it this week.

The weather has been chilly these last couple of days and the boys are hoping to get some ice to skate on.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed because they all have cabin fever.   Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse Update

I managed to finish one of my WIPs and made small progress on another.  My finish is Val's Itty Bitty Quilt Club.  I love all of the colors in this one.  I redesigned one of the blocks to better suit me.  Can you guess which one??

The next one I worked on was Petit Etui Chart 1.  I did some of the queen stitches and worked on the flowers.  I had also outlined the house originally and ended up frogging it.  There was just something I didn't like.  And guess what, it was that.

I have a feeling that the WIPocalypse will keep my momentum going on my works in progress.  I am enjoying seeing all of the projects people are working on and starting.  Thanks for sharing with me.  Up next, Poinsettia House.  Happy Stitching everyone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First finishes of 2012

Although small, I did manage to finish 2 LHN Ornaments for shop models. 
LHN Joy and Peace
30ct WDW Straw Linen
CC, GAST, and DMC threads

LHN Winter Forest
30ct WDW Cocoa
DMC threads

I have also been working on my WIPs and will post progress on those January 9th which is the full moon.  I have also decided to join in on 2012 Year of Smalls SAL.  I came across this blog by delightful accident and it was fate because I had the first project already kitted in my stash.  I think this will be a great break from WIPs and fulfill my need to have some new starts this year.  The first project is Poinsettia House by LHN and I plan to stitch it on 40ct to make it a little smaller.  Lots of exciting things to start 2012, just wish I could get over this miserable head cold.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always, Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kitty pics as promised!

Meet our new foster furbabies!  They were born 10-3-11.  A litter of 6 strays - 5 Orange Tiger males and 1 black female.  The Black kitten and the 2 kittens pictured in the second picture have already found their forever homes.  Now, we will love and nuture the last three until they can be placed.  They are AWESOME!  They freely give love right back.  What a great way to start the New Year! 
Smiley, Frisky and Baby found a cozy spot to nap

Cutie and Fluffy have already been adopted and went to their forever home

Happy 2012!!

Well, just a fly by post to wish  all of you a Happy New Year!  Celebrated in Boston last night with a wonderful parade!  Had some Chinese food with family and headed home to watch the ball drop in New York.  But that isn't what I have been busy with.  We got a new set of foster kittens :))  They are adorable.  They came to us on Friday.  Five handsome Orange tigers.  Too cute for words.  I have already adopted out 2 of them and hope to find homes for the other 3 soon.  I will try to get a picture posted later.  Happy New Year everyone and I hope your year is filled with many blessings.