Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dyeing to Stitch Retreat ...Awesome

I have finally downloaded the pics!!  I must say that I have only been to 3 retreats and Celebrations of Needlework and I can say that we were SPOILED at this retreat.  Anne and Pat made every effort to make sure the event was a success and there were bumps in the road--trust me.  We started our adventure quite early in the morning with 2 needlework shop destinations but traffic curtailed one of our stops.  The stop we did make was at In Stitches in Alexandria, VA.  What a fabulous shop!  Lots of fibers, fabrics, and charts . . . charts. . . charts. 

Here is a pic of my stash!  So very happy with the Lakeside Linen collection.  Every color and count you can think of.  It happens to be a personal favorite so I indulged.  I also go a European chart for a beautiful quaker motif table runner.  It's a big one but I hope to start on it soon.

The following day led us to Dyeing to Stitch.  A smaller sized shop with lots of eye candy.  The models were to die for.  I wanted everything but held back a bit because of our venture to the previous shop and the fact that the hotel would have a shopping boutique.  I did pick up a Blackbird Design from one of their previous retreats.  A seaside motif stocking set.  We made it to the hotel and had a small hiccup with accommodations which took a bit to sort out but once we did were quite comfortable.  We headed to the meet and greet and project preview.  They gifted us with a sweet "Celebrate" pin cushion kit taught by Sharon of The Purple Thread.  We had classes with  Paulette of Plum Street Samplers and Jeannette Douglass of Jeannette Douglass Designs.  They presented us with 2 projects each.

 At the stitch with Friends night we were presented with and exclusive design stitched by all of the instructors present at the retreat. 

Then we had another design presented by Stacy Nash.  A wonderful thread keep.  Have you been able to keep count?  That is 7 new projects!!  Oh my!  I loved them all and have intentions to stitch them all.  If that wasn't enough, the banquet was loads of fun.  It was a costume party and yes I am a party pooper and didn't dress up but so many people did and we were in "stitches" with laughter.  There were doors prizes and I was lucky enough to win a fabric covered journal/sketchbook.  The parting gift was a beautiful hand painted box to commemorate the event.  I have plans to keep my stitched needlebook from the retreat and other sewing necessaties in it.  

Sorry for the long post!  I hope you enjoyed this review and I will leave you with a picture of the sunrise that greeted us each morning! Oh didn't I tell you the hotel was right on the beach and the temps were in the 80's the whole time.  How can you not enjoy that!

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Loose Feathers 2013

Are you stitching the 2013 Loose Feathers series??  When Barb and Alma announced they were doing a loose feathers series for 2013 I jumped on the band wagon.  I mean, could you really go wrong with 12 different samplers to hang as an ensemble.  Then the first design was released and I wasn't very excited by it.  I didn't like the shading of the blackbird and held off deciding how I could change it to suit my taste.  While I was pondering that I received #2 titled My Heart's Desire.  I LOVE it especially the colors.  Well don't you know I started right in on it.  The best part is that it was a quick stitch.  Here are the pictures.  Once again I apologize for the pics, camera issues.

It is stitched with R&R American Chestnut with recommended GAST threads.  My issue is this,  I will have to work some stretching magic on this piece because those darn wrinkles do NOT, will NOT and can NOT be removed.  I have ironed this piece many times.  It definitely gives the appearance of an antique sampler.  Something that will clue you in to when it was stitched is the year in the lower heart.  I also added the letter J and U to my alphabet.  Since this wasn't a reproduction I didn't feel it was necessary to leave them out.  I also left our the crowns.  They didn't mean anything to me.  I also have just my initials on this piece and no one else's.  Do you switch things up so that they appeal to you?  Do you change fabrics and thread choices to make it your own??  I would love to know what you do with your pieces??  I hope to be able to download pictures of the retreat and share them soon.  I am sure you have read about it on many blogs but I do feel people have a different perspective so I thought I would share mine with you.  Until then,  Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Model Stitching

Last month I had the pleasure of stitching models for Cynthia of The Drawn Thread.  Have you seen her new releases??  Check them out here.  I stitched up the Christmas Jumble and cube ornaments.  Aren't they darling. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lilac Pixie--Nora Corbett

Please forgive the horrible picture.  Unfortunately, I think a new camera is in need.  I am hoping that the holidays will bring me a new one.  I have been on a personal mission to finish up my WIPs.  Ever have the feeling that something just isn't right and you start to feel a bit unraveled. Too many loose ends and over booked schedules.   Well, since the boys have started school I have felt compelled to work through my WIPs.  I have finished quite a few but wanted to share this one first.  I started her with the intention of giving it to my mom for her birthday last year and missed the mark.  I am proud to say I have finished her and she is at the framers in plenty of time for the holidays!! Yippee!! 
I don't know about you but there is nothing more effective at killing your stitching mojo like a WIP mission.  Many of these projects were put down for one reason or another and working on them leaves you exasperated.  Well, my mojo all but walked away.  I didn't want to stitch anything!  I couldn't even entice myself to start a new project. REALLY??!!  That lasted for several weeks and finally found my mojo waiting for me at the Dyeing to Stitch Retreat.  I think being away from the daily grind and enjoying the beach led my stitching mojo back to me and I have been at it ever since.  Small problem, I came home with a few new WIPs.  I guess the joy in stitching is enjoying what you are currently stitching.  Who cares if something takes longer than you anticipate.  It isn't gone forever, we always return to them and guess what, the stitches you place don't disappear.  They sit and patiently wait for your return.  The lesson I learned is to enjoy the process.  No need to rush through things to just get them done.  I will be back with more finishes and retreat details soon.
Thank you all for visiting and encouraging me in creating beautiful, stitched heirlooms. I appreciate each and every one of you and your comments.  Happy Stitching!!