Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrations Stash

Another belated post but better late than never.  These are pics of my stash enhancement from Celebrations of Needlework.  The next show is in St Charles Oct 8-12.  If you are in the area go an check it out.  
Jeannette Douglass always has a fab booth and here are my goodies.  Lot's of patriotic designs.  I had to have the floss keep.  It is a great size for the larger projects in my WIP pile.

Olde Colonial Designs always has a great display.  I picked up some new releases and a cute frame for the Erica Michaels piece. 

From Inspired Needle I picked up a show exclusive kits from Lindsay Lane and The Purple thread.  Gotta love a kit.  Ready and waiting to be stitched.

Lastly, Summer House had a booth and I picked up some of her new items.  Sometimes a chart viewed on the internet just doesn't grab you and then you see the model and BAM! you must have it.  I loved viewing all of these models in person.  One of the best features of a show or LNS is touching and feeling.
Well, I am off to stitch and look forward to the next time.  In closing, I leave you with a picture of Miss Maggie and Miss Daisy.  Maggie is now 6 months old and Daisy just turned 4. 

Daisy 4 years old

Maggie 6 months old
Thanks for stopping by.   I am busy stitching Shores of Hawk Run.  I have completed block 9 and now I am in "just get it done" mode.  Wish me luck.
Happy Stitching