Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C Mon Monde SAL Part 3

After having a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, I was able to get some stitching time in.  I spent Saturday stitching with my friend Carol, and spent Sunday working on this SAL.  I received the final part yesterday and can't wait to have another finish under my belt.  I have been working on several models and finishing projects but can't show those yet.  I hope you are all enjoying some stitching time as we head into a busy holiday season.  I typically have all of my shopping done by Thanksgiving but I still have a few more things to pick up for the holidays so I have some shopping to do.  I enjoy seeing everything decorated for the holidays and the lovely music but I hate the parking space hunt and the crowds and the waiting.  Not my favorite thing but I am going to try getting most of what I need during off peak shopping hours. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a small finish

The table is set and I am ready to greet my 21 guests for Thanksgiving.  I have spent the last week preparing, cleaning, shopping, baking, creating the perfect atmosphere to celebrate this wonderful day of Thanks.  I am thankful for so many things but I am super thankful for the health of my family.  Everyone is doing well and that is more than I can ask for. 

Here is a picture of the welcome that will greet everyone.

This is a picture of my favorite Thanksgiving dish.  It is a cranberry sauce dish.  Isn't he the cutest.

These are the table settings.  I am fortunate to have a large enough kitchen to seat everyone at the same time.  I love it!!

My latest finish is "Snow in Love" by LHN.  It is a model for ABC Stitch therapy.  I hope to do some finishing after Thanksgiving.  I avoid Black Friday like it is the plague.  I don't understand the craze and this year they have been talking about it for far too long.  I can't even get over the fact that they have been playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  I love Christmas music during the holiday season but let Thanksgiving be it's own holiday.  So, instead of crazy shopping I have decided to cozy up in my stitching chair and stitch the weekend away.  I hope you all enjoy your families and have a wonderful holiday!  Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Here is a quick couple of pics.  I have been busy with some model stitching and finishing projects but had to jump on board this wonderful SAL.  It is A La Belle Etoile by C Mon Monde.  The SAL is being hosted by Valerie at the Threadbasket.  I loved this design the moment I saw it and jumped on board Round 2.  I am stitching it on 36ct Woodsmoke by Lakeside Linens and I had to change I thread color to do so.  I tried many different threads but they didn't give the same softness as the original design so I switched them back.  Above is the picture of Part 1.  I had to do some turbo stitching on Sunday in order to finish it by the deadline.  I, then received Part 2 Monday and put the final stitches in it last night.  Below is the picture of Part 2 finished.  I love it!  I stitched the berries in a smyrna cross to give them a little texture and I will be adding a charm or button to the house.  I am on the hunt for a holly button but it will depend greatly on what I can find.

We are headed into a cold snap and there is nothing better to do than cozy up in my warmest sweater and stitch the afternoon away!  Happy Stitching and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

iStitch SAL Part 8 Finished!

I finished this wonderful SAL by Carol at iStitch last week.  I love the alphabet she provided in order to personalize and complete the piece.  I am working on the pincushion which was a bonus chart for completing the stitch along and will finish both pieces at the same time. I hope everyone had a weekend full of stitches.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some little finishes and a tired pup!

We have had some unusually warm temps this week, but today out my window it is dreary.  We are expecting lots of rain this afternoon and evening.  My plan, cozying up in my stitching chair.  Before I got comfy I wanted to share to small finishes and a picture of Lazy Daisy ( not the stitch but my lovely dog)  First is a LHN ornament which I will make into a pillow ornament.  It is for a model.

Next, a quickie for a friend.  Her daughter has a loose tooth and wanted a tooth fairy pillow.  She saw the one I made my niece and wanted one of her own.  This is a LizzieKate design and I stitched it on Pink fabric.  It's really girly and I plan to bling it with beads.  I hope to have a finishing weekend to make some ornies and pillow. 

Here she is, Lazy Daisy.  As many of you fellow dog owners know, if you have a puppy and it's too quiet you need to check on them.  Well,  I was in my stitching nest and hadn't heard or seen from the pup so I decided I better check on her.  Here is what I found, a sleeping  baby.  Problem, is she on her twin size dog bed, NO!  She is on my kitchen sofa.   My reaction was to tell her to get off the sofa, but then I am of the mentality, let sleeping baby's lie.  She snoozed comfortably for a couple of hours.  How cute is she!!
Well, I am off to get a couple of hours of stitching in before the boys get home from school.  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remember this post?

Back on October 9th I had a post titled Library Gold which I posted a pic of a sampler that reminded me of With Thy Needle and Thread's Mystery Sampler.  I asked for your opinion to see if you could recognize it too!  Chris from Tot Hill Farm Stitches was the first to guess correctly!  I have a small gift to send you Chris if you email your address.  Thanks for sharing everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iStitch Mystery SAL

In the home stretch!!  Only one more part and then I can decide on a finish.  My mom picked up a beautiful music box at a thrift shop and it has a dark finish.  I hope it will fit into that if not I may use it in my new DMC box that my friend Donna gave me.   Ohhhh, so many options but truth of the matter is that is all irrelevant until I finish the stitching!  Until next post, Happy Stitching Everyone!