Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surprise! We got more snow! And a finish finish!

As you can see, we got LOTS more snow.  About 12 inches.  I couldn't open the deck door because the snow was too high!  From my last post, you all know how much I love winter well look what I got for verbalizing that.  We are expected to get a couple more inches on Friday and couple more on Saturday.  I have given up on clearing a path for the dogs and trying to walk them.  Daisy's exercise is now following me up and down the stairs until shes pooped.  She looks at me like what are you doing?? But, being that she is loyal she follows me every time.  The following shots are from the back yard.  First one was last week, a beautiful sunset with pretty pinks and oranges.  The Pine grove we pass on our daily walks.  And the last is a picture from this morning after the storm passed we ended up with a bright sunny day.

I finished this pincushion for Ellen from my Wednesday Stitching Group.  We both enjoy our cup of tea and I thought of her when I saw this pattern.  I included some counting pins that I picked up at Celebrations of needlework last year.  They were the perfect purple color.  I filled the pincushion with crushed walnut shells, and even though it was a little tricky I like the way it fills out the corners. 
Right now, I am working on a piece for my Valentine swap and Thistle Accesories.  I will post a picture when it is finished because I don't believe the recipient follows my blog.  I will leave you with a note of thanks for following my blog and taking a peek into what is happening in my corner of the stitching world.  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Couple of Finishes and 10 reasons why I don't like the winter!

On a positive note, I finished a sampler for my friend Marie.  It is by Cross Eyed Cricket called Sea to Shining Sea, stitched on 32 count with DMC.  I only took a picture of it as a WIP and then forgot to take a picture of the finish.  I left the alphabet off because I felt it took away from this lovely seaside design.

Next up, is a finish from a long time ago.  I didn't post it because I wasn't in love with it.  In reading some blogs I found that I am not the only one who had trouble with thread colors on this one.  It seemed like all of them washed away on neutral backgrounds so I opted for a blue fabric and I am not in love with it.  I contemplated restitching it on something else but I have so many other projects that are calling out to me.  Oh what a dilemma.

As many of you know, we have been getting our fair share of snow and cold.  We had more snow this morning and another storm is expected for tomorrow afternoon into Thursday.  I only see it fitting to list the reasons why I don't like winter so here it goes!

1. I am constantly cold.  My hands are frozen to the point that they ache.
2. Muddy boots!
3. Shoveling!
4.  Mittens, Mittens, everywhere never can we find a pair!
5. Extra clothing == Extra laundry don't know if I will ever catch up
6.  Where's my snow brush??
7. Can't take the dogs for much needed walks and boy could they use a long one
8. Cabin Fever!
9.  Having to warm up the car 20 minutes before going anywhere.  My car radio wouldn't work yesterday because of the cold.
10.  Not enough daylight hours.  What's a girl with Vit D deficiency to do???

Thanks for letting me vent!  I can only hope that Spring will be here soon.  I miss the singing birds and sunny days.  Thanks for all of your comments.  They really lift my spirits.  I hope everyone is getting lots of stitching time in.  Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Small Finish, a new start and a WIP

As many of you know, the east coast was hammered by a Nor'easter yesterday.  My favorite thing to do on a snowy day is stitch in front of the fire. Unfortunately, we had sooooo much heavy snow (more like cement)  we lost power for about 8 hours.  Without my trusty OTT lite there would be no stitching. I decided to help the boys shovel the driveway and back deck so I could get the dogs out.  We probably got about 8 inches of snow, not that bad considering some people got up to 24 inches but it was heavy and back breaking.  It blue skies today and the sun is doing it's best to melt the snow but I think it will be around for quite a while.
On the stitching front, I finished this small design by Hillside to make into a pinkeep.  I worked on my Thistle Accessories SAL and finished the top of pinkeep #1 and started pinkeep #2. 

The Thistle project takes lots of concentration and it isn't something I can work on at my Wednesday stitching group so I started another project by Plum Street titled Dust of Snow.  I made pretty good progress but since I only work on it Wednesdays for a couple of hours it most likely won't be done before winter is gone.  Here's hoping.
I am leaving you with a picture of what the dogs do while mom and the boys are out shoveling.  Can Daisy stretch any further???  Well at least the 2 of them were warm and toasty.
Thanks for taking the time to read what is happening in our neck of the woods.  Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Blogger Award

I was nominated for this award by Gracie at Needles, Pin and Dragonflies.  Thanks Gracie!  I am honored to have you follow what's happening in my corner of the stitchy world.  Now I must pass on to you some blogs that I enjoy following and tell you 7 things you may not know about me.

There are over 400 blogs in my reader.  So to narrow it down is difficult so I will list a couple for you that you may enjoy visiting Confessions of a Serial Starter, At Willow Tree Pond, Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles,Gr8dames Place,One Stitch at a Time,Seaside Stitcher,With Needle and Thread

And now, 7 things about me.
1.  I love pizza
2.  I learned to stitch embroidery on dish clothes and pillow cases from my grandmother
3.  I am a pharmacist
4.  I have been stitching since age 7
5.  I am terrified of "empty nest" even though my kids are young
6.  I enjoy walking on the beach scouring for sea glass and shells
7.  Love to take my stitching outside

Thank you for reading and leaving such lovely comments.  Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A finish and a new SAL

I have finally finished the stitching part of Blackbird Designs Peacock Pinkeep.  This was a SAL with my good friend Carol and she finished hers the same month we started but has been patiently waiting to finish it until I had my stitching done.  Yippee!!  Happy Dance Carol!  I finished the stitching.  My motivation was a new SAL.

BBD Peacock Pinkeep
Crescent Colours Blue Lagoon, Collard Greens and Icing
WDW fabric

 Our new SAL is Thistle Lavender Bag and Accessories by Jeanette Douglas Designs.  Each year I meet up with my Celebrations Stitching Group at Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua NH.  If you have never been, they have quite the line-up of class offerings and fun activities, not to mention the SHOPPING MALL!!!  Anyways,  Carol and I have not touched the class (actually 2) we took together so we decided it would be our next SAL in hopes of completing it before this years Celebrations.  We can't seem to justify taking more classes without finishing the ones we have already taken.  (Well. that's the idea anyway)
Thistle Lavender Bag and Accessories
cover pic

This is a picture of what I completed in class last year.  The picture doesn't do this justice.  If you are a purple lover, this is the project for you.  The fabric is lilac and the silks are beautiful purples and greens.  I hope I can keep up with Carol ,the speed stitcher but I promise I won't be far behind.

Until next time,   Happy Stitching!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I love reading everyone's blog and seeing what they are up to.  So many have made resolutions and set goals for the New Year. I don't make resolutions because I don't like to set boundaries on myself.  I hope to have a happy, healthy New Year and look forward to what is lying ahead.
  Lots have joined the Crazy and Up for a Challenge which I am thoroughly enjoying seeing all the new starts.  The only problem is that I have found lots of new "must have" patterns.
  Our New Years Eve and Day were rather quiet.  We tend not to go out because it is difficult to find a sitter for 4 on New Years Eve but I made the most of it.  We ordered Chinese Food and for the 1st time I told the boys they could stay up until midnight.  (Like something magical happens at the stroke of midnight)  Well, #2 son and #3 son fell asleep and my little man made it until midnight.  Look how tired he looks blowing his New Years horn and drinking his sparkling cider.  I also have a pic of #3 son showing what time he fell asleep. (oooohhhh almost!!)

On New Year's Day we took a long walk with the dogs.  The weather has been so crazy.  One week ago we had a blizzard, this weekend it was in the mid 50's with rain, now we have plunged back into the 30's.  I don't really like the fluctuation.  I would rather have all cold or all warm.
The boys went back to school today so I got a fair amount of stitching in.  I will post the pic and description tomorrow since my camera is down stairs and I am all cozied up in my stitching chair.  Thank you for all the comments, I look forward to hearing from all of you.  To all of bloggers who are participating in the challenges, keep up the beautiful work.  I look forward to seeing your progress on these throughout the year.