Friday, September 25, 2015

A New Season

As the fall descends upon us I am feeling quite melancholy.  The colder temperatures are starting to set in and the atmosphere of the homestead has shifted.  I am still doing the same old things, working the pharmacy, helping at the bikeshop, mothering, cleaning and a bit of stitching in between.  The days have gone from crazy hectic chaos to a very serene quietness.  My oldest son, Aiden left for his 3rd year of College, Austin works daily at his bikeshop, and the two younger boys are at school.  It gives me lots of time to catch up on household things that have been neglected.  I find my days filled with purging closets and cleaning windows.  I have also had some more stitching time so I have a few finishes to share.  I do post most things regularly on instagram so if you want to follow look me up @natalysneedle.
Woodland Forest Olde Colonial Designs

Long May She Wave by Barbara Ana

Rebecca by Kathy Barrick

Remember Me by Blackbird Designs
That's all the stitching I have to share today.  Stay tuned for more!  Until next time Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stitching Retreat Recap

I recently had the pleasure of attending a stitching retreat hosted by Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  Kim and Pam were our wonderful hosts and the featured designers were Jeanette Douglas and Paulette of Plum Street Samplers.  Both designers provided wonderful new designs for us as well as a collaboration piece which is delightful. 
    I had the pleasure of meeting lots of new stitchy  friends and visiting local shops.  Each had wonderful things to peruse and loved how friendly everyone was.  I will definitely head back to this area.  It was fantastic.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Serenity Harbor SAL progress

I started working on this SAL in January and was able to keep up with the first three parts but as they are released the sections of stitching are becoming more dense.  I am working on Lakeside Linen 36ct pearled barley with Called for DMC threads.  I am enjoying how the colors are playing out but need motivation to keep at it.

I would love to know if you are stitching this.  What color linen did you choose and which threads?  How far have you progressed?

Thanks for sharing and Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 12, 2015

It's been a long's what's happening

Snow melted and gave us these colorful crocuses
Some finishing...
Some stitching...
Spring flowers...
Fragrant lily of the valley...
A little stitching...
Some finishing for a friend...
Thirsty kitty...
A little more stitching...
We also had awards banquet, a broken wrist ending my son's baseball season early, and a graduation.  Throw work and family life in and you've got a full plate.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Be back soon with some more tidbits.  Until then, Happy Stitching my friends.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow finished

I have so many things to catch up on but I thought I would start with my first major finish of 2015.  I started this piece January 1st 2013.  There were many times I worked on it steadily and then set it aside for another project.  As many of you know we have had LOTS of snow which means lots of stitching time for me.  It is stitched on 40ct Lakesides Linen and Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed Fiber silks.  In hind sight I would have preferred working with NPI silks.  I opted for the less expensive and I can honestly say you get what you pay for.  HDF fibers are more slippery so you have to have patience when stitching with them.  They didn't fray at all but where staticky so they clung and twisted. Also they are thinner and don't cover quite as nice.  I hope to start Autumn at Hawk Run later this year but need to save up for NPI.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be back soon with more. Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 SALs

I have two SAL that I have joined for 2015.  Both are giant projects and I am looking forward to seeing the progress.  The first project is by Heartstring Samplery called His Eye is on the Sparrow.  I chose 36ct Lakeside Linen Navy Bean with called for WDW and GAST threads.
I only stitched on this one New Years Day.  I will continue to work on it once I finish Shores of HRH.  It has motivated me to get it done since I want to get back to it. 
The next project is offered from By the Bay Needlearts and will be delivered in 12 parts.  It is called Serenity Harbor and I am stitching it on Pearled Barley 36ct by Lakeside linens with called for DMC fibers.  I finished Part 1 and the next part will come Feb 3rd.
Are you working on any SAL?  If so, what?  Back to my stitching nest.
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hard to believe a New Year has started.  The last few months have been hectic but I made it through.  Holidays were lovely but I am ready to start anew.  No resolutions for me because I don't usually follow through but I do plan to do more of what makes me happy.  Time with family, friends, fur babies, and of course stitching.  I have two finishes two share.
This is a Just Nan design called Sherry's Scissor Pocket designed exclusively for Country Crafts.

The next is Bittersweet September by Blackbird designs.  It was a club kit from the Ladies Prim available at Dyeing to Stitch.
I am hoping to get some stitching time in this winter.  Usually the cold and snow drives me inside but so far we have had mild weather so I tend to spend more time outside.  I haven't updated all of you in a while and wanted to share a picture of Maggie and Daisy.  Maggie will be one this week and she still behaves like a puppy.  Chew, chew, chase, chew, snatch, chew.  You get the picture right.
You can see that she isn't quite finished growing usually top off at about 18 months but I do believe she will remain on the smaller side due to her earlier growth problems.  As you can see, bright sunny day, mild and perfect for a walk.
Thanks for visiting.  I will be back soon with SAL 2015 updates and I feel a finish coming soon...stay tuned.
Happy Stitching,