Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Favorite Things Exchange

This month I was lucky enough to recieve this beautiful exchange.  I have been participating in Lainey's Stitched With Love Exchanges for a couple of years now and I have loved stitching up a surprise for someone and packing it with other stitchy goodness.  I talked my stitching twin into signing up to participate and guess what??  She got my name in the anonymous draw.  I ranted and raved to her about my package while she sat humblely and waited until the reveal to tell me it was from her.  Carol you are a gem.  Thank you for this wonderful package that really suited me.  I can officially say I have somenthing stitched by Carol.  Here is a closeup of the thread keep and scissor fob she stitched for me.  Simply AWESOME.  You can visit Carol at Stitching and Stashing.

Below is a picture of the package I put together for my partner, Karen.  She stated that her favorite color is red so I built my surprise from there.  I found some wonderfully cheerful cherry fabric and went with a red, black and white theme.  I got word from her that she was thrilled with her package and that made me smile.  I always worry how a package will be received and can breath a sigh of relief once I hear from the recipient.  I stitched a small piece by Shakespeares Peddler titled Patience and framed it in the most adorable little black frame that is hung by ribbon.  This exchange was lots of fun and I look forward to the next one.  I have been stitching away at it and look forward to mailing it out.

Thanks for stopping by.  Your comments me alot and encourage me to continue doing what I love. Stitching and sharing!!  Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Very little stitching

School is out and the stitching has come to a screeching hault.  I have been busy with the boys.  My oldest leaves for Washington, D.C. for the Youth Education Summit.  He is one of 150 students selected from over 1500 applicants to attend the seminar.  He has been busy preparing his debate topics while I have been busy putting his necessary attire together.  When he returns he leaves the same day for Conservation Camp where he serves as a Junior Counselor.  This will be his 4th year as a J.C.  So more clothes to pack up and have at the ready.  His comment to me yesterday was "Hey mom, think you could paint my room while I am gone?" Really??  Anyways, I have only had a couple of hours to stitch and I have been working on CCN Day at the Beach.  I am loving this summertime stitch and hope to get it finished up in time to display soon.

This is the year of smalls selection for last month.  Still calling out to me.  The new selection is posted but I haven't even cracked into last months yet.  I hope to get to this one after working on my WIPs. 
I have lots of stitching plans but not enough time to devote to stitching.  Oh well, there really is no hurry.  Just take time to enjoy the stitching.  Have a great day. Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Emmanuel SAL progress

I thought I would share a progress picture with you today.  My friend Ellen and I are working on this sampler titled "Emmanuel" by Carolina House Designs.  I am really enjoying the colors and playing with the specialty stitches.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I don't typically iron until I finish a piece so I apologize for the messy picture.  The colors are beautiful.  The blue bargello row is my favorite so far.  The row I am working on now has some bullion knots.  I can't wait to see how those turn out.  I also have some over one bees to add around the hive but I am not sure how to anchor my threads on the back for 4 over one stitches especially when 2 of them are black.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.  I only work on this piece when Ellen and I get together and since summer is approaching my stitching time on this one will be limited. 
I want to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.  My husbands request for today is a Lobstah Roll for lunch.  So off we go, headed to Cape Cod to find some Lobstah!!  Have a great day and Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Start

I did it!  I started something new.  I just needed a break from WIP stitching and exchange stitching.  I didn't want my stitching mojo to slow down so I start Country Cottage Needleworks "A day at the Beach".  It is stitched on 30ct WDW Parchment with CCT and DMC.  It's the perfect summer time project and it was in my stash all kitted up, just calling my name.
We had another rainy day here today!  It seems that most Wednesdays have been rainy in the last 6 weeks.  So be it!  All the better for stitching. Hope you are having a wonderful week! Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Sampler and By the Bay SAL Update

Here is my finish of Part 2 in the Summer Mystery Sampler from By the Bay.  I love the colors and the summer scene.  I can't wait to see part 3 on Friday.

I finished this baby sampler for a friend of my mom's.  She is expecting her third baby in July and I wanted to have this ready in the wings so all I have to do is add the name.  I stitched a sampler for each of her girls and it was fun to work in blue this time around.  I hope you all a wonderful week and Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some Pin Creations

I have been working on some holiday themed pins.  Below you will find patriotic, halloween and Christmas color themed pins.  These are great to use as counting pins or decorating your favorite pin pillows and pinkeeps.  I make them to order so that you can choose the colors you like.  They come in an embellished cardstock needlebook intended to protect them during shipping.  If you are interested please contact me via email.



More red, white and blue

I will leave you with a picture of my sweet dog, Daisy.  I took this picture from my post at the computer.  Her expression simply states "Please mom, can we go outside yet??"

The next picture is of her reaction when I continued to type on the computer. " I guess I will just longingly stare out the window at the beautiful backyard that I wish I could play in."  As my regular readers know, she is a Great Dane.  One thing I love about this breed is that they are so expressive.  Even though my body is taking a beating from this dog, my heart swells with love for her!!

Tomorrow, I am headed to a stitching day with my girlfriends and I can't wait.  I wanted to squeeze one last one in before the boys are off for the summer. Have a wonderful weekend stitching and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

SAL Update

This week I received part 2 of Niky's Creations Mystery Sampler.  I quickly stitched it up in order to keep up with the rest of the 200 stitchers working on this little sampler.  I can't wait to see what she turns it into.  If you haven't visited her blog you must.  She has so many creative ideas for decorating your stitching items and creative pincushions and so much more.

I joined another SAL which started last friday. It is a summer design provided by Donna at By the Bay Needlearts.  I love the color palette.  I have started stitching it on LSL pearled barley 28ct.  I chose the same count fabric she used because it will fit into a 5x7 frame Yay!  I will be able to frame it myself.
I haven't filled in the background stitching.  She used GAST Oatmeal but I haven't decided if it will need that yet so I will wait until I finish stitching part 2 to decide.  Donna also used french knots for the center of the flowers but I may use beads instead.  I will wait until part 2 is stitched to decide. 
Off to do some stitching.  Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.  Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June WIPocalypse Update

Not alot to report on the WIP front.  I haven't had tons of stitching time and the little time I do have I worked on exchange pieces.  This above picture is part 2 of Petit Samplings Etui.  I got the whole border stitched and it matched up. YIPPEE!!

This is the latest up date on BRD Read between the Lines.  I have made slow progress on this one but progress is progress.  I mainly work on this piece at my Wednesday stitching group and I think we do more talking than stitching but isn't that why we go to group. I enjoy visiting with everyone and seeing what they are working on and catching up on what is going on in their lives.  My stitching group days are numbered,  once the boys finish up school I will be busy with them.  I look forward to pool and beach days and some relaxing picnics.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And The Winner is ...

Sorry for the delay,  I had a crazy weekend.  Thank you all who entered my mystery giveaway.  The winner is . . .

Vickie of A Stitcher's Story.  Vickie, congrats.  Please e-mail me your address so I can get your prize out to you.  Have a great day! Happy Stitching!