Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Remembered

I think there are many who are reflecting today on memories of 9/11.  Where were you? What were you doing?  What do you remember? 
     I was a busy mom of 3 boys with my 4th well on his way.  I was waiting for the sitter to arrive and was tidying up.  I remember the day well.  It will forever be etched in my mind.  My son's 2nd birthday was that day.  It is so bitter sweet to have a birthday on 9/11.  He has difficulty understanding why I try to keep it low key.  I have trouble celebrating because we lost a dear family friend.  He was young, newly married, and a brand new dad.  I feel for his daughter who will only know him through other peoples memories.  I feel for his mom who never got closure and for anyone else who has a family member or friend that died on 9/11 and their bodies were not recovered.  I still feel gloom and despair when I think of this day that happened 9 years ago. 
     I want to thank all of the service men and women who continue to fight for our freedom from terrorist.  I wish them safety. 


Leslie said...

I feel exactly the same. It was such a sad day in American history.
Peace be with you today
Happy Saturday

Julie Harward said...

I thank them too with all my heart, what would we do without them?! Thanks for your visit and entered you are! ;D