Monday, December 26, 2011

WIPocalypse 2012

I have joined in on Measi's WIPocalypse for 2012. I have added the list to the side bar and wanted to start with pictures so you know where I am starting on these projects. Some of these projects are big projects that I lost interest in, most are classes that I took and ended up not working on once I got home. You can visit Measi's blog to see what the rules are and who else is participating. I have been going down the list to follow some new blogs. Here are the pics of the projects I will try to finish during 2012.

Victoria Sampler Happy Hearts Stitcherama

Jeannette Douglass My Stitching Album
I have finished the front and back cover and the first three pages.

Sweetheart Tree Sea Sampler

Victoria Sampler Mermaid Song Cyberclass

Indigo Rose Acorn Pincushion Class

Stitching Treasures Grandmas Sewing Roll Class

Bent Breek Spring Snapperland

Blue Ribbon Designs Read Between the lines

Collaborative Design Petit Sampling Etui -- delayed SAL that is now back in progress

JABCO Boys are back in town

Vals Kitty Quilts - SAL

Jeannette Douglas Pineapple Biscornu Class

Brightneedle Capecod Passport Class
Well,  that should keep me busy.  I do plan to start a few new projects and all of that will take a back seat to model stitching but it's always nice to have a goal to strive for.  All of the WIP progress will be posted on the full moon.  What do you have planned for stitching in 2012?? 


Leslie said...

Yes you do!! I know that you will bust them out and that they will be beautiful. Merry Christmas.

Gabriella said...

Hi Nataly,
your works are so beautiful and your list of the wipocalypse ... wonderful ... I'll do a post of my list I think tomorrow.

I wish you a happy New Year ^__*


Parsley said...

Oh wow what FUN stitchy projects! I love the top one....may have to put that on my wish list.

Faye said...

Beautiful Nataly~~ You have some gorgeous projects shown here...I cannot wait to follow their progress during 2012...

I, too, need to compile a list of my wip's to complete this year. I managed to finish 11 that I had listed on the "up for a challenge" blog in 2011...It was a good feeling to finally get them completed!

Here's hoping you have a Happy New Year and many blessings throughout the year~~~..

Always, Faye

MoonBeam said...

Thanks for showing your projects - I had read your list, but were unfamiliar with some of the projects. Nice bunch!

I have posted my list, but haven't taken any photos. Will try to do that in the next day or makes it much more fun when you can see what the designs are.

I joined the group that Faye mentioned above for 2011, and failed miserably. Hope to do much better this year!


Robin said...

Pretty collection of WIP's. We have some similar projects. Happy Hearts is in my stash unstarted. I have the etui 98 % complete and hope to finish at retreat and I too am working on the Jeannette Douglas Stitching Album. I love the fibers and colors Jeannette uses. Good luck with your progress. I think this is just what we needed to give us incentive.

Janice Boucher said...

WOW Nataly... you do have your stitching cut out for you! Busy busy busy....but a wonderful kind of busy for sure!

cucki said...

wowwwwww truly they are all so beautiful..i love them so much..the first one is super cute..
good luck and happy stitching xx

Chris said...

Hey Nataly,
You have so many wonderful projects that you have put a lot of work into. I hope that you finish a lot of them.
I need to think about some goals. I don't think I did any of mine last year!!

Mouse said...

oooooo thanks for that eye candy :)and I shall be cheering you on to help you achieve a finish or two or three :) love mouse xxxx

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What great pieces!!!
I so want to do that mermaid one... Darn need to save some money to go get one before their all gone. LOL
Dawn in AZ

LisaG said...

Some really lovely pieces there, look forward to seeing your progress throughout the year.

Colleen said...

Your projects for WIPocalypse 2012 are wonderful. I have posted mine, but didn't think of posting before pictures, great idea. Looking forward to viewing your progress through 2012. Happy stitching!

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

Oooh... you have the most interesting pieces to do. :) No HAED in sight but a lot of intricate samplers. G'luck! :D I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. :D

DonnaTN said...

You have picked some lovely wips to work on next year. I can't wait to see your progress. I am a bit late, but your counted canvas piece is beautiful.

Kate said...

Great bunch of projects - good luck with the challenge.

Carol B said...

You reminded me that I need to get my list together. I hadn't thought of adding the pictures but that's a great idea. I love your projects. I was surprised to see a couple that I didn't have :-)

pam said...

WOW!You have an ambitious year planned. Some of your WIP's are kitted in my project pile for this year. I might should rethink them! :)
Good luck my friend.

geeky Heather said...

That is a lovely list of projects for WIPocalypse! I can't wait to see the progress pictures. =) I have my list almost done...just need to pull the trigger and post it, already!!

Veronica said...

Oh, I love your selection of projects for the WiPocalypse. I really should get around to posting my list as there's only a few days left before 2012. Hope you have a wonderful new stitchy year!


Lynn said...

I love the stitches you've chosen for your list. I would love to try and tackle one of the Victoria Sampler pieces someday!
I've signed up as well and just posted my list recently.

Joysze said...

I love your list, Nataly. Looking forward to your WIPs next year. :D

Shebafudge said...

You have some gorgeous projects on your list. I am looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the year. Good luck!

Clare said...

Loving your blog. I am stitching both `My Stitching Album` and `Petit Sampling Etui`. Hope to carry on with these again this year. Other projects and happening in life have put these on hold. Happy Stitching.