Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Photo tour of our Cranberry Bog

I always love the spring time because of the renewal of color.  Although our season was slow to come it has now past.  Here are some pictures I thought you might enjoy.  No stitching this time but beauty just the same.
Mr Bee pollinating our Peach Trees.

Ferns just opening up to the warmth of sunshine.  Such a wonderful green.

Had to include Daisy since she helped point our photo ops.  My Great Dane pup will be 3 next month!

Canadian Geese guiding us with an urgent Honk Honk away from the nesting area.

Small fish at the shore of the reservoir soaking up the rays

Lily of the Valley fresh picked by my son Best Boy #3

Some of our many lilacs.  I have 6 variety and the all have different colors and scents.  These are the most fragrant.

These lilacs have the most beautiful color variation.

Picture of the bog from my stitching nest.  It truly was a glorious day!
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Stay tuned for some stitching finishes that I hope to share with you in the next couple of days.  Until then, Happy Stitching!!  I would love to hear what you are currently working on.  Are you a seasonal stitcher, or working on gifts for family and friends??  I finished a few things for friends and now I am back to Shores of HRH and once again Loving it.


gracie said...

Always loved visiting the bogs throughout the seasons....lovely pictures.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures, Nataly. Thanks for sharing.
We have had more rain than sun....ugh.

Daisy is a darling pup and looks like a true companion.

I'm stitching a few seasonal things and finishing a pile of spring stitches. So much to little time.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy your outdoor time.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful set of photos! I can't believe that Daisy is going to be three!

P.J. said...

What a wonderful post; love the spring colors! I can smell that lilac from here.

Working on gifts at the moment, itching to get back on my Spanish Mystery Sampler and Christmas @HRH.

Yard work, which I enjoy, slows down the stitching mojo for me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Nataly! I love the lily of the valley, they smell so good. Thanks for sharing...

Marilyn said...

Very pretty pics, thanks for sharing.
Daisy is too cute.
I am currently working on some Patriotic pieces.

Vickie said...

Lilacs. Just love 'em.
Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing.
I am stitching up a gift for my friend.

Penny said...

I enjoyed the tour! Daisy looks like a real sweetie! :) I'm currently working on Emma Lerch.

Sue N. said...

Loved your nature photos and of course, beautiful Daisy! One of these days I would like to stitch Shores of HRH but right now I am working on a small sampler as a gift for a friend who is retiring. This spring I charted and stitched a reproduction sampler. It was truly a labor of love!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Gorgeous pictures, your lilacs are so pretty! They are my Grandma's favourite flower, and she has an old plain purple one in front of her house. Re: Stitching - I'm hoping to start some gift stitching for my Grandparent's wedding anniversary :)

Brigitte said...

Great pictures, Nataly. When nature is bright with colours we just want to stay outside, don't we?
I wanted to do some seasonal stitching and was looking for strawberry freebies but couldn't find any so far. So I'm continuing on my WIPs.

Myra said...

Lovely pictures! Cranberry bogs just fascinate me. Daisy sure is a gorgeous girl.