Saturday, October 7, 2017

Still Stitching A Little (Susan this one's for you)

Welcome to my neglected blog.  It seems that instagram is the easiest form of social media to share my stitching and such but I recently met a wonderful group of ladies at the Dyeing to Stitch retreat in Virginia Beach.  So happy to meet you Susan, Martha and Nancy. It was lovely spending time together sharing our passion for needlework.  I was happy to meet several other fellow instagramers  Paulette of Plum Street Samplers (designer extraordinare for this fabulous retreat), Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery, Joan from Made by MamaJoan and her lovely daughter.  I also got to connect with an old friend, Luann.  Thank you ladies for such a special time connecting.  Ann and Pat did a wonderful job hosting this event and the weather was fabulous.

Welcome Summer-The Drawn Thread

Progress on Year of Hawk Run -- Carriage House Samplings

I have been stitching models for Cynthia of The Drawn Thread and working on my Year of Hawk Run Hollow Sampler.  I would love to fit in more stitching time but we are in the midst of college tours and applications for DS#3.  DS#1 graduated from UMaine in May and DS#2 is working at opening a second location for his bicycle business.  DS#4 is getting ready for driver's ed.  Amazing how quickly time marches on.  Our house as a little more space and a lot less noise and commotion which might seem peaceful to some and maybe just a bit lonely to others.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I am happy for their successes but a bit blue about being alone so much more. (#1 reason why I am working so much)
One happy papa!

The Danes are doing well.   Daisy had her 7th birthday and Maggie continues to amaze us with her puppy antics even though she is almost 4.  Maybe someday the zoomies will stop but for now its cheap entertainment.
How you will find Daisy most days

Miss Maggie playing catch me if you can

Unfortunately in true blogger style I am having trouble uploading pictures from Virginia Beach so I will try to post them next time.  I am hoping to post more regularly but we shall see if that rings true.

Happy Stitching Everyone


gracie said...

So nice to see your post. I still follow the blog group and am not on Instagram. Lovely stitching.

Marilyn said...

Great projects,
Congrats to all of your kids, what great accomplishments.
The dogs are beautiful.

Mary said...

Congrats to your children on their accomplishments.

Love the Summer by Drawn Thread and Hawk Run is so much work but worth every stitch. Glad you updated your blog as I'm not on Instagram and hate to miss such pretty work. Mary

Vickie said...

Welcome Summer is sooo great! Love seeing the girls and hearing about your sons accomplishments!

RJ said...

Congratulations to your children, Nataly. I know how proud you must be of them.

We missed seeing you here on your blog and hope you will post more often. Your stitching is so beautiful and we don't want to miss seeing your great pieces.

The summer stitch is one I will have to get as it is so pretty. Hawk Run is quite a piece and looks lovely. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Robin in Virginia said...

Nataly, it was good to see your post. Your projects are lovely. Best wishes to your boys and their accomplishments.

Martha said...

Nataly, it was wonderful meeting you at the latest Stitching Retreat. Thank you for your kind comments. Sue, Nancy and I chatted all the way home (12 hours, not sure how that happened!!! - maybe is was the coffee stops) about the nice time we had and all the kind people we met and shared the weekend with - after all, isn't that what make the weekend great - the other stitchers, the hosts, and teachers. You and Ellen were delightful classmates - so glad we got to meet you, and I hope our paths will meet again.

Maggee said...

Hello there! Good to 'see' you! And glad to know you are still stitching! Doing the models for Drawn Threads--how great! And so pretty! Plus you're doing great on the CHS piece! Yes, life goes by so quickly, and your kids are grown before you know it! Or grandkids, in MY case! Hugs!

Carol said...

Gosh, your boys are growing up so fast, Nataly! Next thing you know you'll be in an empty nest like me... All three of mine are gone and the house does seem quiet, but to see them all doing so well in life makes up for me missing them so much :) Congratulations on their successes and on your lovely stitching--absolutely love that Welcome Summer--in fact I just ordered it!

Bekca said...

So lovely to see a post from you! I took a long break from my blog (over a year) but I'm really enjoying keeping a record of my stitching projects again. You must be so proud of all of your sons, they're all doing so well. The Hawk Run piece is beautiful, can't wait to see it finished up.
Best wishes.

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