Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation Pics. . . Part 1

 First stop on our road trip was Howe Cave NY. We visited Howe Caverns. It was quite impressive to see that all of this was lying underground. The boys enjoyed learning about stalagtite and stalagmites and how they are created.

We moved on to Cooperstown, NY home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I loved this town. It felt so American with the flowers, flags, and patriotic decorations. I would love to go back again when we can stay a little longer. The boys loved the Hall of Fame. They were able to find lots of names they recognized and enjoyed searching out the Red Sox Articles that made it into the Hall.

We then visited the Corning Museum of Glass.  I know, many of you may be wondering, 4 boys, glass museum, YIKES!  Believe it or not, we made it through without breaking anything.  The boys learned about glass firing, fusing, etching, and blowing.  It was really breath taking.  The above pics are two of my favorites.

The lost stop before arriving in Niagra Falls was Letchworth State Park in NY.  It is known as the Grand Canyon of the East.  This park was beautiful.  The falls were really something to see.  They also had a large area for picnics and running.  This was a hidden gem.  It was very peaceful and serene, with lots of walkways along the edge of the falls. A great place to take a break from all of the driving.


Carol said...

Oh, your photos sure brought back some wonderful memories for me, Nataly. I was born and raised in western NY so, for me, school trips to Corning Glassworks were an annual event--always came back with the little souvenirs (penny in a bottle or little glass swans). Isn't Letchworth beautiful? I love it there and hope to visit again soon. Glad you had such a wonderful trip :)

DonnaTN said...

Great vacation photos! The glass and the Falls are beautiful!

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