Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot days, cool boys, and a finish!

We had a very busy weekend this weekend.  We had a family cookout on my dad's side of the family.  We spent the day at my uncles lake house.  My cousin is very clever and set up lots of pirate themed games for the kids to play.  They had a treasure hunt, walk the plank, blow-up sword fights, a fishing derby and pirate trivia.  They really had a blast. 
It has been very hot and humid here this week.  What do you do with boys who are hot and bored you ask?  Well you break out a Slip and Slide.  Yes, that's right. Who knew wet plastic could be sooooo much fun.  Well it kept them busy enough for me to get some stitching time in.  I finish BBD Valentine Rose.  I stitched my husband's grandmothers name and year she was born.  I also changed the S on the door to an M which was the letter of her maiden name.  She was very special and I thought about her during the whole stitching process. 
BBD Valentine Rose
28ct Autumn Blush


Parsley said...

I remember the old 'slip and slide'. Hurt BIG TIME on bumpy ground and if there's a rock under the plastic OUCH!!

Nice finish. Very brick like stitching. I love it!

DonnaTN said...

It always sounds like you have so much fun with your boys! I like the sweet tribute to your husband's grandmother.

Myra said...

I love the way you personalized Valentine Rose. I think the personalization just make the piece so very special.
P.S. Can I come play on the Slip and Slide? It is so hot and humid here. :o)

Carol said...

Oh, I remember those Slip & Slides from when my boys were young--such fun!

Your BBD is so special--each time you look at it you will think of your husband's grandmother and smile :)

Deborah said...

I didn't know that they still sold slipe and slides. The boys look like they are having a wonderful time. Great finish. Isn't it fun doing the personalization?! I did that one for my maternal Great Grandmother.

Lynn said...

I remember those slip n slides! My boys used to have a riot on them. Sure looks like your boys enjoyed it too.
I love your personalization of your BBD house. It will always make it special for you.

Lainey said...

What a beautiful tribute to your hubbys Grandma.
Looks like the boys are having great fun!

Meari said...

What a great idea -- The pirate theme :) I remember making our own slip and slides as kids. Fun times!

Your BBD turned out really nice.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its beautiful and what a fantastic sentiment!

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