Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A finish and a new SAL

I have finally finished the stitching part of Blackbird Designs Peacock Pinkeep.  This was a SAL with my good friend Carol and she finished hers the same month we started but has been patiently waiting to finish it until I had my stitching done.  Yippee!!  Happy Dance Carol!  I finished the stitching.  My motivation was a new SAL.

BBD Peacock Pinkeep
Crescent Colours Blue Lagoon, Collard Greens and Icing
WDW fabric

 Our new SAL is Thistle Lavender Bag and Accessories by Jeanette Douglas Designs.  Each year I meet up with my Celebrations Stitching Group at Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua NH.  If you have never been, they have quite the line-up of class offerings and fun activities, not to mention the SHOPPING MALL!!!  Anyways,  Carol and I have not touched the class (actually 2) we took together so we decided it would be our next SAL in hopes of completing it before this years Celebrations.  We can't seem to justify taking more classes without finishing the ones we have already taken.  (Well. that's the idea anyway)
Thistle Lavender Bag and Accessories
cover pic

This is a picture of what I completed in class last year.  The picture doesn't do this justice.  If you are a purple lover, this is the project for you.  The fabric is lilac and the silks are beautiful purples and greens.  I hope I can keep up with Carol ,the speed stitcher but I promise I won't be far behind.

Until next time,   Happy Stitching!!


DonnaTN said...

I love the beautiful colors on the Peacock. Can't wait to see your progress on the Thistle.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Love your finishes, gorgeous!!


Teresa S. said...

I really, really want to stitch the Peacock Pinkeep. I even have it kitted up. But I am glad I waited and saw your finish-I need to look at some other color combinations :)

Catherine said...

Beautiful finish! Can't wait to see it all assembled!

Love the Thistle Lavender Bag too!

valerie said...

Your peacock pinkeep stitching is stunning!

Annie said...

The pinkeep design is so gorgeous. Should be even more beautiful when you do the finishing.

The Jeannette Douglas piece looks a like a fun project. I love they way you do a SAL with your friend. Really makes it interesting and motivating.

Lynn said...

I love both your finish and your new start. I look forward to seeing more progress on the JD piece.

Loretta said...

Beautiful stitching. Looking forward to seeing your progress on JD piece.

Bekca said...

I love the gorgeous thread colours you've used on your latest finish, so pretty. Can't wait to see this new start grow, happy stitching.

Kathy Ellen said...

What beautiful work on your BBD "Peacock Pinkeep". Can't wait to see it when it is all put together in it's final finish! Happy stitching in your SAL's in the New Year!

Sally said...

What a beautiful finish. I love the colours you chose to stitch it in.

Solstitches said...

What a beautiful finish! I love the fabric and thread choice.
Lovely new start on the Jeannette Douglas SAL also.