Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everything's in Bloom and it's HOT!!

It seems like everything is early this year.  Everything is in bloom at the same tme.  We have had upper 80's for temps and its hard to find a cool spot.  Yesterday at stitching group everyone was chatting about what temp to put the central air on and I was laughing because I live in a house built in 1876 and there is no central air.  We have fans and every now and then we'll get a breeze. My poor old girl, Jessee, was having a really hard time cooling off yesterday.  She decided to park herself in front of the screen house on the cement slab.  Stay cool everyone!


Missy said...

Gorgeous flowers!!!! Jessee looks like she needs a a kiddie swimming pool to cool off in.I'd be right there with her!! LOL

Hugs from HOT and HUMID Ohio,

DonnaTN said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. My day lilies are still blooming but not for long. If it makes you feel better, it has been in the upper 90's here in Memphis for what seems like weeks, too hot too soon! I'd love to see photos of your 1876 home. That is so cool!

BRD Girl said...

Gorgeous flower photos...I am really enjoying your blog! BTW - loved the Lizzie Kate scissor fob over one with the ruched ribbon - very very cute!

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