Saturday, June 5, 2010

A New Member To Our Family

Ben, my 10 year old has been asking for a bunny for what seems like ages. Every time we walk into the feed store he admires the bunnies. He say what names he would give them etc... Break my heart why don't you. So, guess what, we went to the feed store this weekend to get bird seed and he spied the PERFECT bunny. Oh, mom, please he so cute!! Well, as you can see we have a new bunny. So much for mommy will power. Anyways, he is adorable and his name is DUTCH. (as in cocoa).

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Phyllis said...

Boys know how to get to us, Nataly. My son did the same thing to me with a rabbit. He had been wanting one, we went into a pet store, and it was love at first sight. "Leo" was our rabbit's name because he?/she? looked like the rabbit in the book Leo the Lop. Enjoy!

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