Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday evening continued with baseball for Avery. I shared this post of his big hit. In his league they can only run a single but he definitely would have had a triple. On Wednesday, I attended the last end of the year Celebration at the grade school. Our family has been at Chandler school for 10 consecutive years. It was bitter sweet but I made it through the day. From there it was off to a playoff game for Aiden and Austin. They are both on the Braves. Their team was in #1 standing and won their game last night. On to game 2 Saturday. Today, it was off to Ben's field day. I unfortunately can't share any pics of the 2 field days because I drained my camera batteries at the ball games. It is now just about time for everyone to start heading home. Only a day and a half left of school. YIPPEEE!! I am one who loves the summer time with the boys. We have lots planned starting with our adventure wish list. Maybe I will stitch before Averys final baseball game which is tonight. It is beautiful outside, so I'm headed to the deck with some stitching until everyone gets home.

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